Alfa Maschi

Genre: Gangster, Art-House

Logline: A clever and intuitive young mobster; Gallo seeks liberation from the psychopathic Don (his Uncle Julius) and the mafia institution in which he is bound.

Short Synopsis: This tale centers around the fictitious Calogero Mafia family in contemporary Gold Coast. Drawing upon Sicilian Mafia traditions; applied in the Southern Hemisphere, this relatively newly formed syndicate suffers from its maniacal Don. Traditions and loyalties are put to the test for Gallo (the middle-ranked mafioso), it is his eyes through which the story is expressed.

Gallo Calogero, a mid-level Italian Gangster in the Calogero crime family has a huge crisis of conscious which deepens and worsens as the tale unfolds. Gallo is an educated man, suffering from innate guilt and an existential funk. A university graduate (BA in Human Geography and Sociology) he understands his decision to follow his forefathers into “la familia” may have well been the wrong choice. His empathy for the human condition is contradicted by many of the actions he is obligated to commit.

Gallo manages a boxer (Ronnie Bambino) - who fights in dodgy underground matches on behalf of the Calogero family’s racketeering syndicate. This ancillary revenue stream evolves, as Ronnie and Gallo are offered a legitimate opportunity for a title shot. Gallo’s salvation and liberation from this opportunity is what he has longed for. Don Julius spirals out of control, becoming increasingly volatile and violent. Gallo challenges the family’s ideals and the Don’s orders, whilst the cops close in on the syndicate, an explosive finale eventuates.