TLW  : The Last Witch  

Genre: Adventure-fiction, Sci-Fi 
Logline: A young, precocious woman, wallowing in existential funk, discovers that she is the last surviving Witch – she must battle the secret society that has suppressed her kind and wants to kill her. 
Short Synopsis: Jerusha Kali, on the verge of her University graduation – has her genetic mutation kick in; this enables her to emit an abnormal electromagnetic field; stemming from her pineal gland, which is extremely powerful and growing exponentially. She is able to manipulate space and time, and travel inter-dimensionally. She is the last surviving Witch.  This ‘Witch gene’ is encoded within her DNA. All of her ancestors have been successfully eradicated by an evil Western Secret Society called: The Sacred Owls. She incorporates Allies of various relict secret societies; mostly of Eastern origins; Chinese, Nordic and Indigenous Warriors who believe in the illusive ‘prophecy,’ in which she is the savior. It is prophesized that she is the one to lead the global revolution to return planet earth to homeostasis.  Jerusha’s powers fully culminate on the eve of her 21st Birthday, which coincides with the Full Moon. Her enemies will stop at nothing to kill her before the sunrise; the battle grows in size and in scope; the clash of superhuman forces with only one winner.